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Quality Is The First Of Our Company Motto

Our diverse range of suppliers, products, and services enable TMSS to meet the most stringent fire and security requirements of our valued and satisfied customers. We ensure personnel proficiencies through product and system training, including any latest developments in technologies at the marketplace with new products through our dedicated training engineers to our technicians as we continue to develop & improves our services.

Economic growth throughout the UAE has brought new industrial technology, increased competition, and hazardous working environments. This, in turn, has resulted in tighter regulations and new legislation being brought into force to protect lives, the environment, and property. The objective of TMSS is to recommend, provide and maintain optimal solutions for all fire and security risks. We at TMSS take pride in our reputation, technical expertise, and business excellence. We are proud to be associated with the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Ministry of Interior of civil defense. By providing totally integrated fire and security systems to our clients, we are playing a role in important developments in the business & safety for the community of UAE.

We not only offer you a product but we also back – up what we sell with full servicing, maintenance and training options. We have separate department totally dedicated to maintenance for firefighting systems and equipment. We offer the service of our engineers and technicians round the clock (24hours) for emergency requirements. Further, we also undertake annual and half-yearly maintenance contracts, which will ensure the smooth functioning of the various firefighting systems equipment throughout the year. We are dedicated to working with high professionally sounded in the fire industries. We have to keep technical data sheet for fire alarm and firefighting systems and equipment for references after getting AMC’s from clients.

Quality & Assurance Safety

As to comply with Sharjah civil defense, local quality assurance, safety standards and to meet customers requirements and further to the safety of human life, workplace, equipment, and material we have constituted strict quality and safety procedures and have ensured their strict compliance start from bidding onwards, safety and quality control rules are involved in paperwork and are observed accordingly throughout the execution of the project.

Our site manager is responsible for manpower training, equipment, tools and material handling, safety-conscious trained workforce is not left without safety supervisor on site.

Quality control in-charge remains responsible for the complete process of procurement, installations of material and equipment up to the entire satisfaction of the client, the procedure involves pre-inspection of required material and equipment, stock inspection, on delivery inspection and the final inspection after erection/installation.

Quality inspection procedures are followed by the general manager of TMSS and recorded until the completion of the project and the warranty period.